In Two Minds

The other day, i was travelling in a public transport bus to office. A man, wearing a white striped shirt with almost similar looking pant and a small cap with well-groomed grey mustache was sitting next to me. Not just by his appearance but also by his heavy urdu accent, he looked to be a Moolah or atleast a staunch muslim. He was enquiring about the arrival of his destination with me. Just then, another man, dressed in a white shirt and lungi got into the bus. He was cleanly shaved and had applied sandalwood and kumkum( a red sacred powder) on his fore-head in a circular form. He was also carrying a cotton bag which had some local product’s advertisement on the side of it in the language of Tamil and was in a rectangular form completely stuffed with some purchases made in the market where he had boarded the bus. Though he didnt speak a word, but i am sure he was a Tamil Iyengar by his looks. As soon as the person opposite to me vacated his seat, he pushed the bag to the end of the vacant space available to rest our feet and had sat with legs spread to the other side of the luggage where there was open space for commuters to stand if there are no seats available. So, literally, he was seated opposite to the stauch muslim.

The stauch muslim and the Tamil Iyengar represent two different religions even though they wear the same colored clothing, two different ideologies though have the same air to breathe, follow two different customs though have the same kind of mundane life to live. God has created all of us alike, but we living beings rather than identifying ourselves as the children of the super-self, distinugish people with clothes they are wearing, the religions they represent and the customs they follow. Our heart and vision are so polluted that even in our pure consciousness we realize the irony of the look and feel of a person but dont realize the irony of the god’s creation.


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