As usual in a weekend, found myself in a temple chanting late in the evening. When i was about to leave the temple, had a nice little discussion with an old priest of the temple.

What is contentment? Each and every endeavor of ours is for contentment. But, Are we really gratified when we get what we want?. For example, we have a tendency to have a Pizza or a nice candy to satisfy our taste-buds. And, we get satisfied consuming it. After an hour or two, we feel for something else to gratify our-selves again. So, Were we not satisfied when we had Pizza or a sweet candy earlier?. No, we were satisfied. But, the satisfaction was momentary. It lasted only till we consumed it. Our senses were gratified only for the moment and was back into action again in another form. So, we human-beings are never satisfied.

What is happiness? We are happy when we are satisfied. As discussed, satisfaction is always momentary and we are never satisfied;so is the happiness.

What is real happiness? Every thing in the world has life. The trees have life. The birds have life. The mirror which we look into everyday has life( the life of a mirror is its mercury coating on its back). We cry. We scream. We dance. We are happy. We are angry. But, tell me something. Have you ever seen a tree happy or cry for anything? Have you ever seen a mirror acting in a different way at you, other than your expression which reflects on it? Being nonchalant to happiness, grief, disease, love and hatred like a tree or mirror at every walk of life is happiness.



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