Technology Wrap-up – 10/11/2009

A wrap on the technology till-date:

  • Google has acquired a new company AdMob for USD 750 million. AdMob is a company which is into mobile advertising business and has a revenue of USD 100 million and strength of 140 people.
  • Google has also acquired Gizmo5 (an application which works like Skype, supporting IM and VOIP calls) for USD 30 million.
  • SourceForge Inc. the company behind the open source technology communities, has changed its name to GeekNet.
  • Collabnet sponsored open-source SCM , Subversion, has been submitted to Apache Software Foundation(ASF). The Subversion product will be in Apache incubator before becoming an official product of Apache like the Apache Web Server and Tomcat.
  • The new version of Android (mobile OS) , Android 2.0 (also known as “Eclairs”) has been released for the developer community. The newest mobile, Motorol Droid has become the first mobile to support this new platform.
  • Electronic Arts has acquired Playfish (social gaming start-up) for USD 300 million and USD 100 million earn-out.
  • The official support for Java 5 by Sun has ended on 30 October,2009.
  • Sun is planing to come up with a Java App Store close on the heels of Apple’s App store for developers to sell their Java and Java-FX applications. Currently, a beta version is available for US residents.
  • Amazon is now providing support for MySQL hosted RDBMS on the EC2 cloud( a cloud computing platform hosted by Amazon).

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