Ensure cross-browser compatibility with LunaScape


Cross-browser compatibility is an important issue which needs to be addressed by the DEV as well as the QA. Whenever we are developing or testing a feature for a web application, we test it in mulitple browsers by having multiple sessions of IE and Firefox. It becomes tedious to manage if the browser support has to be extended for multiple browsers like Safari, Chrome and NetScape.


There is a new browser in the market , LunaScape which addresses the cross-browser compatibility issues and aids in development and testing of web-features. Basically, it has all three browser engines of IE , Firefox and Safari/Chrome integrated into one. So, when we would like to view a page in IE/FF/Safari, we just need to right click and select the appropriate engine. Each tab can open the same web-page in a respective engine(or simply the selected browser) and all these tabs can be arranged either horizontally/vertically. Moreover, all the plugins/features of all the browsers are still in-tact and they can be imported , availed and some-times interchanged as well.

Above all of these, it is the fastest browser in more than a few aspects, as it leverages the existing browser engines and builds on top of it. If this sounds interested, please visit http://www.lunascape.tv/ to understand how it works and its various other features.


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