Technology wrap-up – 15/11/2009

  • openSuse 11.2 is released and it uses Linux Kernel’s latest version 2.6.31. The default file system of openSUSE has been switched to Ext4 though support for Ext3 continues.
  • Google announced that it is working on an application-layer protocol called SPDY(spelled SPeeDY).  In the initial tests, Google claims that the top 25 web-sites loaded 55 times faster with SPDY integrated in Chrome browser.  SPDY creates a session of some kind that resides between HTTP and the data transportation. So, basically it augments the existing HTTP and TCP protocols.
  • Google Chrome OS is expected to be available this week or earlier next week as per Google’s announcements.  It will be primarily an OS for net-books.
  • Nokia has released its first net-book by the name Booklet 3G marking its arrival in the computer business.
  • Dell has announced that it will be releasing a smart phone, Mini 3 based on the latest Android platform in Brazil and China.
  • HP to acquire 3COM(maker of network switches and router products) for USD 2.7 billion.

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