Technology wrap-up – 29/11/2009

  • Google has acquired display advertising company Teracent for an undisclosed amount of money. Teracent helps advertisers format and more precisely target display ads to particular groups of people. In real-time, Teracent can reformat ads based on geography, language, and other factors, so a single ad can be customized with thousands of variations.
  • The Unix based operating system FreeBSD has released the final release of FreeBSD 8.0. FreeBSD 8.0 supports superpages and has a new USB stack. The NFS client/server is rewritten with NFSv4 and multicast updates.  FreeBSD 8.0 also has improved Solaris ZFS support.
  • Google just started testing its revamped search interface with random users. Please click here to test it out.
  • A new version of Apache Lucene, an open source search engine, was just released.  Version 3 of the Apache Lucene project is being called a “clean up release” by the project management committee chair, Grant Ingersoll.  The release removes all depreciated features and now requires Java 5 and above.  The Lucene API now makes use of Java 5’s generics, varargs, enums, and autoboxing.
  • A radiation-proof Cisco router was sent into space today aboard an Intelsat satellite with the goal of setting up military communications from space. The router/satellite combo is a key part of the US Department of Defense’s Internet Routing In Space (IRIS) project, which aims to route IP voice, video and data traffic between satellites in space in much the same way packets are moved on the ground, reducing delays, saving on capacity and offering greater network flexibility, Cisco stated

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