Using “varStatus” in JSTL

Recently, there was a requirement to display a list of entries(key,value) of a Map separated by comma in a JSP. An effective way of doing it is by using JSTL’s “c:forEach” tag and its attribute “varStatus” to iterate through the key-value pairs. The code is as follows:

(<c:foreach var="entry" items="${criticalityMap}" varstatus="status">
  <bean:message key="arhat.asset.criticality.${entry.key}"></bean:message> : ${entry.value}
  ${not status.last ? ',' : ''}

( Low : 1 , Medium : 1 , High : 2 , Most Critical : 1 )


Andrew Beacock’s blog

P.S. : There was a problem while pasting the above piece of code into the blog, which could be resolved again by an elegant solution by Greg Houston. Even this pointer, i had picked up from Andrew Beacock.


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