Handy Linux Commands

Usage Command
Check for the Version of Linux uname -mrs  or
Open file using cat /proc/version or
uname -a [All information]
Check for the Machine architecture uname -mrs
i386 and i686 = 32-bit; x86_64 = 64-bit
Check for the Server release details lsb_release -a
Check the processes running ps fuxxx , ps auxxx
Checking whether a port is open or not telnet <ip_address> <port_no>
Updating access rights to execute a program chmod +x ./<program_name>
Searching for specific text occurrences grep <search_term> *
Checking top 100 lines of a file tail -100f <file_name>
Running a program in back-ground nohup ./<program_name> &
Checking ip address /sbin/ifconfig or ip addr show
Checking which process is cosuming how much top
Checking how much space is available in current drive df -h
Killing a process kill -9
Copying file/directory from a linux server [File]scp <USER_NAME>@<HOST_NAME>:<USR_DIRECTORY>/sample.txt .
[Directory]scp -r <USER_NAME>@<HOST_NAME>:<USR_DIRECTORY>/ .
Clear the screen clear screen
Java Set-up in linux Click here

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