Ramblings 2 @ Java

This post is a continuation of ramblings of the past.

Javascript frameworks:

Step back jQuery, it is now Backbone.js , Ember.js and Angular.js. It has to be seen who is winning, though. I have not used any of these in my project but each one of it, looks an interesting prospect. Check out this link to understand the differences. Underscore.js is a powerful complement to Backbone.js/jQuery.

Updated: React is a new javascript framework which looks simpler in implementation and is going to give serious competition Angular.

Security frameworks:

Spring security, Apache Shiro and JBoss PicketBox are in contention here. Spring security has the first mover advantage. But, Apache Shiro is easier to learn and implement. JBoss PicketBox is good for JBoss fans.

Single Sign-on:

It is always good to understand what each framework offers before embarking on a solution implementation. OAuth2 seems to be a preferable option if you are starting now and don’t have a SAML infrastructure already.  For enterprise, SAML still seems to be holding the ground. Learn more here and here too.

Shibboleth provides an open-source SAML implementation of SSO capability.

Source-control, Continuous Integration and Automated Deployment:

There seems to be a new stack for this GitHub + Jenkins + Puppet. A quick reality check of the competitors in each of the spheres is listed below.

GitHub/GitLab/Gitorious: For source control management, GitHub is leading the pack.For a quick differentiation, Check here.

Hudson/Jenkins : Continuous integration server which integrates with a git repository. Jenkins has taken over Hudson, Check here.

Chef/Puppet : Automated application deployment on servers. Puppet seems to be ahead of the race marginally, Check here.

Read this for a typical implementation.


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