Mediocre Life and Luck factor

It was supposed to be a lazy sunday after a long week in the office. To my surprise, i chanced upon an article on lifehacker which talked about seven effective habits of mediocre life. I could relate to it as a fish takes to water. In this article, James Alutcher concludes, “Being mediocre doesn’t mean you won’t change the world. It means being honest with yourself and the people around you. And being honest at every level is really the most effective habit of all if you want to have massive success.”

All of us, once in a while say “touch-wood”, have you wondered where does it originate?. The reasoning goes something like this: “Touching (“Knocking on”) wood dates back to pagan rituals that were designed to elicit the help of benign and powerful tree gods.” . Richard Wiseman has a wonderful article about luck and the luck factor here. He concludes saying “much of the good and bad fortune we encounter is a result of our thoughts and behavior”.


Thanks, Word Press.

For a long time, i was contemplating to categorize my posts and apply new themes to my blog. Also, I wanted it to be developed as a single repository for all my posts. In the process, found a few blogs of word-press having those and decided to move to word-press. And, it has paid of really great. Along with the ones mentioned, there are a lot of goodies in Word-Press like file-sharing, links to flickr/twitter and many more.


As usual in a weekend, found myself in a temple chanting late in the evening. When i was about to leave the temple, had a nice little discussion with an old priest of the temple.

What is contentment? Each and every endeavor of ours is for contentment. But, Are we really gratified when we get what we want?. For example, we have a tendency to have a Pizza or a nice candy to satisfy our taste-buds. And, we get satisfied consuming it. After an hour or two, we feel for something else to gratify our-selves again. So, Were we not satisfied when we had Pizza or a sweet candy earlier?. No, we were satisfied. But, the satisfaction was momentary. It lasted only till we consumed it. Our senses were gratified only for the moment and was back into action again in another form. So, we human-beings are never satisfied.

What is happiness? We are happy when we are satisfied. As discussed, satisfaction is always momentary and we are never satisfied;so is the happiness.

What is real happiness? Every thing in the world has life. The trees have life. The birds have life. The mirror which we look into everyday has life( the life of a mirror is its mercury coating on its back). We cry. We scream. We dance. We are happy. We are angry. But, tell me something. Have you ever seen a tree happy or cry for anything? Have you ever seen a mirror acting in a different way at you, other than your expression which reflects on it? Being nonchalant to happiness, grief, disease, love and hatred like a tree or mirror at every walk of life is happiness.


Relics of a lost world

Have you ever wondered, the alphabets which form a word, the words which form a sentence, the sentence which brings out a coherent thought, is all made possible with juxtaposition of symbols. We are part of a civilization and the script we have, enables us to express what we are. Say, if some archaeologist discovers our lost civilization after a million years. What is it, which he will be wondering about? Would he be awestruck with our advanced alphabetical symbols or would conclude these as some kind of a primitive notation?

In Two Minds

The other day, i was travelling in a public transport bus to office. A man, wearing a white striped shirt with almost similar looking pant and a small cap with well-groomed grey mustache was sitting next to me. Not just by his appearance but also by his heavy urdu accent, he looked to be a Moolah or atleast a staunch muslim. He was enquiring about the arrival of his destination with me. Just then, another man, dressed in a white shirt and lungi got into the bus. He was cleanly shaved and had applied sandalwood and kumkum( a red sacred powder) on his fore-head in a circular form. He was also carrying a cotton bag which had some local product’s advertisement on the side of it in the language of Tamil and was in a rectangular form completely stuffed with some purchases made in the market where he had boarded the bus. Though he didnt speak a word, but i am sure he was a Tamil Iyengar by his looks. As soon as the person opposite to me vacated his seat, he pushed the bag to the end of the vacant space available to rest our feet and had sat with legs spread to the other side of the luggage where there was open space for commuters to stand if there are no seats available. So, literally, he was seated opposite to the stauch muslim.

The stauch muslim and the Tamil Iyengar represent two different religions even though they wear the same colored clothing, two different ideologies though have the same air to breathe, follow two different customs though have the same kind of mundane life to live. God has created all of us alike, but we living beings rather than identifying ourselves as the children of the super-self, distinugish people with clothes they are wearing, the religions they represent and the customs they follow. Our heart and vision are so polluted that even in our pure consciousness we realize the irony of the look and feel of a person but dont realize the irony of the god’s creation.

The Dawn

I never thought that i would ever be blogging. Art is a form of creativity and i am not good at it in any form except for following some mundane chores of life and being surrounded by the figures of good and evil which i have drawn around myself in this relative world. A famous quote of Dalai lama goes as “I have no knowledge of myself as I am, but merely as I appear to myself.” . So, have made this humble effort presuming that this blog-space will be an outlet of my ideas and thoughts and would be meaningful and thoughtful to me and to all who will read this. May the aurora of creativitiy dawn upon thyself. People say “It is never too late” but it is late in the morning now so would wind up this post here.