Ramblings @ Java

It was a saturday evening and this led to skimming through my spam mails. It was here, i stumbled upon the release of Spring 4. This led to discovery a whole gamut of terms, concepts and many more. This post is just a collection of the same.

STOMP – Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol. We can build interactive web applications using this protocol.

Micro Service Architecture – Extending Single Responsibility Principle to service level [or] Java Architecture, the UNIX way. To know more, go through PresentationBlog-1 and Blog-2.

CQRS – Command and Query Responsibility Segregation.

YAML – YAML ain’t a mark-up language. A standard for data serialization for all programming languages.

Stove pipe architecture – An anti-pattern; also means legacy software with undesirable qualities. Also, read Stove pipe architecture vs Enterprise Architecture 

CAP Theorem – A distributed system cannot guarantee all three aspects Consistency, Availability and Partition tolerance together.

A treasure-chest for design-patterns, anti-patterns and many more Sourcemaking

Bootstrap – It is a sleek, intuitive, fluid and powerful mobile first front-end framework for creating faster and easier web-development provided by Twitter. It is better than JQuery UI in many aspects and for a few differences check here.

Single page architecture – is a web application or web site that fits on a single web page with the goal of providing a more fluid user experience akin to a desktop application.

Dropwizard – A java framework to build ops-friendly, high-performance RESTful web-services. This helps in building Micro-service architecture.

JDBI  – A SQL convenience library for java to access relational database.

FreeMarker Vs Velocity – Freemarker wins hands-down due to its powerful api